Take some time to pause and reflect on this season of Advent before rushing straight towards Christmas.  Sometimes this is difficult to do but it is a significant part of the liturgical season and journey.  If you are looking for a way to slow down and reflect, St James is once again opening its doors on Wednesday evenings at 7pm for a time of quiet reflection and prayer.  Thank you to John Stone for providing this opportunity.  Please note that because this is outside of our regular worship services proof of Covid vaccination is required to attend.

Click on link below to view the 2021 Advent and Christmas Newsletter

Christmas Newsletter

A Memorial Window in St. James' was dedicated on September 15, in memory of Lester and Barbara MacEachern. click on icon below to see and read about it

memorial window.pdf

 The cold weather will soon be upon us and warm clothing in sizes small and medium will be required for seafarers arriving in the Halifax port. Many of them will be in dire need of warm clothing and suitable winter footwear all in good condition. If you or anyone you know has items that the Seafarers Mission can distribute to crew members of the ships, these would be much appreciated. Items can be delivered to me or left in any of the four churches. Margaret de Carvalho @ 18 Downie Drive, Tel: 902-826-2497

Mission to Seafarers’ Shoeboxes: Fill a shoebox with a mix of mitts, socks, pen/paper, soap, toothbrush/paste, hard candy, etc., a Reader’s Digest or puzzle book and a Christmas card. Boxes are given to sailors spending Christmas in the port of Halifax. The Mission asks that you include wrapping paper (and a bow, if you’d like), but to leave the box open so it can be inspected. Call 902-826-2251 for info.
If you are unable to fill a box, how about donating some of the above items and/or cash and we will make up the box for you. They can be given to Janet Champniss, Caroline Hubbard or Maryanna Towle.
Empty boxes will be at the back of each church and can be returned there for pick up.
For more information contact Janet Champniss at 902 826-2251 or towerns@eastlink.ca

The St. Margaret's Bay Lions Club Annual 5th Car Show and Shine event this year on was a great success raising over $3,200 for Childhood Cancer. The Lions Club is looking for assistance to connect us with local families dealing with this terrible disease to offer help with the following types of expenses:
Hospital Parking / Gift Cards for Gas or Restaurants, etc..
If you know of a family in the St. Margaret's Bay area please have them contact:
Michael Hart, President, St. Margaret's Bay Lions Club
Ph:902-830-6685 / e-mail: mjhst.margaetsbaylions@gmail.com
or Lydia Boutilier, member of St. Margaret's Lions Cl

St. James' congregation will be joining in on some fun this year!
Our church and ACW members will be taking part in
a Christmas bake table and craft market!
November 20th, 9am-3pm at  St Luke's United Church, Tantallon
This exciting event is just a few weeks away and will be our first
fundraiser in two years!
We will gratefully be receiving contributions of
baked goods, pickles and new crafts at,
St. James' church on Friday November 19th from 4-7pm.
Of course, monetary donations are awesome as well.
Please share the news with friends and neighbors.
If delivery is difficult, do not worry! Pick up will be arranged.
We would love to hear from you with any questions that you
may have.
Louise Christie: 902-826-2004 or thechristies@ns.sympatico.ca or
External link opens in new tab or window289 Buckingham Dr., Stillwater N.S. B3Z 1G8
Warm regards and as always, sincere thanks for your support:
St. James' congregation and ACW members.



ACW Board July-August Newsletter 2021.pdf


The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund has launched a new Vaccine Equity Fund to contribute to the worldwide vaccination effort from COVID-19. Money donated to this fund will be used to support our partners as they prepare for vaccine rollout in the coming months. With the cooperation of the Anglican Church of Canada and our Primate, Archbishop Linda Nicholls, PWRDF has created a fund for Anglicans eager to “pay it forward.” Now when you receive your vaccine, you have the opportunity to “Pay it forward” and make a donation to PWRDF’s Vaccine Equity Fund. Vaccine equity is a fundamental expression of the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-40) through which we demonstrate our love of God and of neighbour, says Primate Linda. PWRDF joins the Primate in urging Canadians to do what we can to ensure the people in our own communities, especially the most vulnerable, are being vaccinated. We can also write to the Prime Minister and our Member of Parliament and tell them we want Canada to share excess vaccine, allocate more funds to COVAX and suspend the international agreement to allow vaccines to be produced more quickly and cheaply around the world. You may donate with: The link: Get vaccinated, then pay it forward - The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (pwrdf.org). Also, over the phone by calling Donor Relations Officer Mike Ziemerink at 416-822-9083, or leave a voicemail toll-free at 1-866-308-7973 and we will return your call. or, send a cheque with “Vaccine Equity Fund” in the memo field to PWRDF, 80 Hayden St. Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 3G2. Donations may also support the “Love My Neighbour” movement.




You are invited to join the Mothers’ Union members in their Prayer Partner Program.

Prayer Partners (PP) will be kept a secret throughout the year and will be revealed on or near Epiphany of the following year. During the year, PPs will send each other cards or notes on occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Mothering Sunday etc. – always anonymously. If you are aware of something happening in your PP’s life, you might want to send them a quick note or card. Of course, the most important thing is to keep them in your prayers at all times. We have an Epiphany Party each year when we reveal our PPs to each other.
If you would like to participate in this program, please fill in the information below. If you know of someone who would appreciate being included, but may not come to church, please pass a form along to them. Forms may be passed into Debbie Boutilier (902-826-7747) or Linda Hills (902-826-2546) or you can email the information to debbieboutilier@eastlink.ca
Prayer Partner information:
Name _____________________________________________
Mailing Address _____________________________________
Birthday ___________________________________________
Anniversary or other significant dates ____________________


Neighbourhood Soup Servants

A small group of parishioners and friends have been getting together to make soup and build a fellowship.
The soup is then delivered to neighbours who may be lonely, sick or experiencing other issues or just a welcome to newcomers. It is also a chance for a short visit or just a brief chat at the door.
We would now like to invite others who would like to be involved to join us, remembering that if there is somebody that you would like to help, there also needs to be someone to make the delivery and/or assist in the preparation which takes place on a Friday morning. This is a neighbourhood activity not restricted to parishioners.
Please contact Janet Champniss at 826-2251 or Mary Stone at 826-2847 to find out more.
Neighbourhood Soup Servants. The NSS project is being very well received and we continue to build our list of recipients. Thank you to all those who have given us support in one way or another. If you would like to help out but do not wish to participate in the soup making, we would love to have your help in delivering the soup to a recipient or two.
Please contact: Janet 902-826-2251 or Mary 902-826-2847.



What can you do with a Pop Can Tab (or tabs from other containers)? You can help purchase a Wheel Chair for a Veteran by bringing tabs to Saint George’s Church. Please put the tabs in the container Sherry Richardson has placed in the vestibule.


Do you want to make a difference? The work of our Parish Council is important to sustain the ministries of our churches and to meet the day to day commitments. You can take an active role in developing a strategy for our ongoing ministries and future growth.  Please chat/e-mail with Rev Brieanna if you would like to be a part of the team working together for God’s mission. Rev Brieanna: p.frenchvillage@ns.sympatico.ca;

The Lions Club is happy to accept donations of used eye glasses and hearing aids. Please bring them along to church to be collected later, it would be greatly appreciated. SMB Lions Club have the following equipment available for loan, free of charge, to members of the community: Chair Lifts, Wheelchairs, Hospital Beds, Walkers, Crutches, Canes, Bath/Shower chair accessories. Anyone requiring any of this equipment should contact: Lion Leonard Bugbee (902-823-3001) or Lion Brecken Hills (902-826-2546).

Anyone interested in baptism preparation classes is invited to contact Janet at towerns@eastlink.ca or 902-826-2251.

Anyone wishing to be a reader and/or greeter is asked to contact Janet at towerns@eastlink.ca or 902-826-2251

PWRDF is active in 26 countries, with 59 partners drawn from Anglican churches, ecumenical organizations, and community-based groups. PWRDF supports people-centered development that improves the quality of daily life for vulnerable populations, promotes self-reliance, and addresses root causes of poverty and injustice. Their work is bound together in three strategic themes: Weaving a Culture of Peace with Justice, building a Moral Economy and Accompanying Communities in Crisis.

PWRDF support development programs to include:

- support for maternal, newborn and child health in Africa and Canadian Indigenous communities by purchasing medical equipment for health clinics and maternity wards, construct and refurbish health clinics and nurses’ houses;

- provide Canadian Indigenous communities with midwifery services that are culturally relevant and responsive to their needs and suggestions. It will organize community meetings with the National Aboriginal Council of Midwives and other Indigenous groups in Canada, Mexico and Peru to develop a midwifery curriculum that is sensitive to the needs of Inuit, First Nations and Metis women.

- support Indigenous people by recovering and preserving traditional ways for the next generation; and human rights workers documenting abuses;

- provide a source of potable drinking water to Pikangikum community (Canada) where 90% of homes do not have water or waste-water services. Inadequate and decrepit wooden outhouses are used by most residents. Most of the present homes do not have the space or the structural integrity to support bathroom facilities.

- equipping the homes with a cistern to hold the water and a wastewater holding tank, as well as the necessary fixtures and fittings;

- construct wells to provide clean water to communities affected by water-borne diseases;

- support farmer using traditional and innovative agricultural methods to improve their access to a secure food source;

- help young people by using peer education for HIV/AIDS prevention;


Keep up with the Parish News...Join our parish e-mail group by contacting Margaret deCarvalho at External link opens in new tab or windowMARCARDE@NS.SYMPATICO.CA or 826-2497 or write your name and email address on one of our pew cards and place it in the offering plate, or leave it with a greeter.