Guidelines for Marriage in the Parish of French Village Sacramental Rite of Marriage To request Marriage in the church is to request the church’s sacramental ministry. That is to say, it is a request for a religious rite. The church recognises the validity of secular marriage, and so when a couple approaches the parish with a request to marry, it is assumed to be solely for those religious purposes that secular marriage ceremonies cannot provide. As such, marriage in the church is done with a view to prayer, piety, thanksgiving and humility before God in the presence of God’s Church which is the body of Christ. Requests for church weddings where the sacramental nature of the rite is not the primary interest will, therefore, be denied. The preparation and conduct of the liturgy must reflect a level of respect befitting the dignity of the sacrament. Canonical Requirements (Church Law) Though requests for the sacrament of marriage are made at the parish level, all couples will be aware that the Anglican Church is a worldwide communion, and therefore subject to rules and guidelines beyond the jurisdiction of the Parish. Applicants are required to meet the conditions as provided in Canon 21 of the Anglican Church of Canada (1); and Diocesan policy 1.1.6 Holy Matrimony(2) as well as the rubrics and doctrines set forth in the Book of Alternative Services (BAS) and the Book of Common Prayer(BCP) Canon 21 can be found on the internet at the following address , or you may contact the parish for a copy. Couples are required to sign the Schedule 1 declaration of Canon 21 and, in accordance with Schedule E, are required to participate in a parish or diocesan approved marriage preparation class. Such classes are made available from time to time but are not available on an ongoing basis. Referral to marriage preparation is to be made by the rector to whom the request to marry is made. There may be a fee associated with marriage preparation, and this is set by those offering the preparation class. Diocesan Policy 1.1.6 Holy Matrimony can be found on the internet at the following address or you may contact the parish for a copy. Conduct of the Liturgy Liturgical Texts - All marriage services will be conducted according to Anglican rule, rite and expectations customary to and celebrated in the church. No liturgical rite other than approved rites of the Church (BAS 1985 or BCP1962) may be used. The Anglican church is a liturgical piety, and as such these rites represent our doctrines and beliefs. Marriage liturgy cannot be revised or altered nor the vows re-written or expanded upon. Music – Musical selections are to be appropriate to a service of worship and must be approved by the rector in consultation with the parish music director. The couple are expected to meet with the music director so that their specific tastes and style may be taken into consideration. Guest musicians may be permitted, provided that all music is appropriate to a service of worship and approved by the rector. They are required to provide their own instruments. Guest musicians responsible for processional and recessional music will be required to attend the wedding rehearsal. Readings- Readings are to be Biblical. Secular poetry is best read at the reception. Decorations- Only floral decorations are permitted. Extra candles are not permitted. Decorations will be fastened with ribbon only and must be removed immediately following the service. Exceptions are at the discretion of the rector. Church bells- If you wish to have the church bell rung, arrangements must be made with the rector, who will appoint an experienced Church member to the task. There will be a $20 honorarium associated with this. Wedding Planners- On rare occasions couples will contract the services of a wedding planner. These services shall be limited to activities not related to church matters. Who is eligible? Due to the volume of requests received on an annual basis, not all applications for marriage will be accepted. It is generally understood that all candidates must reside within the parish boundaries, and/or have spiritual or familial ties to the parish. Outdoor Weddings Outdoor weddings are canonically permissible at the discretion of the rector and require the permission of the bishop. Should the rector and bishop agree to permit an outdoor wedding, the wedding shall take place within the boundaries of the parish. The couple are responsible for obtaining permission to use the venue. Appropriate Dates Weddings during the season of Lent are discouraged. The church schedule is such that we are unable to perform weddings: - during Holy Week, - on Easter Weekend and in the octave of Easter, - from the 3rd Sunday of advent to the octave of Christmas, - on Thanksgiving weekend. Due to the fact that sextons and altar guilds (those who make the church ready for your wedding and clean up afterward) are parish volunteers, long weekends and statutory holidays will be considered unsuitable dates. Fees All fees are to be paid no later one week before the wedding day. The Church reserves the right to cancel weddings wherein payment has not been made. Organist- To be negotiated with music director at time of meeting Priest- $150.00 Facility- $350 (This includes a $150 refundable damage deposit)