Revised June 2016

 Your Cemetery Deed is an important document and should be kept in a safe place. The deed is a form of conveyance. If you read it carefully you will find that it conveys to the purchaser the privilege of burial only. The plot itself remains the property of the Parochial Corporation. Purchasers are required to provide perpetual care to ensure that their plots will be maintained in a manner appropriate for a Christian burial ground. The following regulations must be observed: 1. The price per lot is $100 plus $500 perpetual care. Payment (or arrangements to pay) must be made prior to interment. ‘Perpetual care’ refers to grounds only. 2. Conveyance of a lot is at the discretion of the rector and church council, recognising that preference may be given to practising members of the church. 3. Lots may not be resold without permission of the church council. 4. After consultation with the church council representative the location of the lot will be marked. The family representative is to make any necessary arrangements for the opening and closing of the grave including payment. Use of an approved digging service is preferred. 5. Graves are to be returned to their original condition after interment. 6. In accordance with the “Policies and Procedures of the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island” all committals in Church cemeteries, including the scattering of ashes will be taken by the Incumbent (or Priest in Charge) or the Incumbent’s authorized representative. 7. Graves are to be kept level. Concrete curbs are not to be placed around any grave. 8. A maximum of one casket and three urns are allowed in any one plot. Where cremation lots are available a maximum of two urns is permitted. Ashes may also be scattered. 9. For a burial plot, a maximum of one wedge stone or flat stone monument is recommended with a maximum of 14 inches in height and 30 inches in width plus one marker no bigger than 2 feet by 1.5 feet flush with the ground. Outside of this recommendation, permission may be granted, if approved by the church cemetery committee, to erect one headstone no higher than 3’6” on a base no wider than three feet, which must be dowelled in place. A marker shall be permitted for each cremation plot with a maximum size not to exceed 2 feet by 1.5 feet. 10. Fresh flowers only may be placed in the cemetery. 11. No trees or shrubs are to be planted. 12. Upon formal committal of ashes and interment in cemetery lot, said ashes cannot be moved. 13. Headstones and markers are the property of immediate family heirs and if maintenance is required it is their responsibility to arrange for this and make payment. In cases where no family can be located the church will take responsibility. When a stone falls, it would be left face up, flat on the ground and if necessary the stone turned to the right side and placed in a dignified position. 14. There will be no charge for the use of the church for a funeral however donations will be gratefully received. Any additional facilities required will be the responsibility of the family. 15. Diagrams of recommended monuments. For further information regarding funeral guidelines and procedures visit:

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