While most restrictions have been lifted provincially, we still continue to exercise caution when gathering in an effort to protect our community.  This past week our province reported its highest number of deaths due to COVID-19 thus far.  This tells us that there is still much risk associated with this virus and that care and caution must be exercised.  Masks are required inside of our buildings and we encourage everyone to maintain physical distance.  Pews are still marked off in an effort to encourage this.


6th Sunday of Easter

9 a.m. BCP Eucharist, St. Paul's, French Village

11 a.am. BAS Eucharist St. George's, Head of St. Margaret's Bay

11 o'clock service also available on zoom. Link below.


St. Paul's BCP Euharist
St. George's BAS Eucharist

Next Sunday is a 5th Sunday in the month and so we will be having a parish service at St George's beginning at 10am. We are also pleased to be marking the end of the Diocesan ACW's annual project which was raising funds to support the work of the Marguerite Center.  The Marguerite Center offers a residential recovery program for women recovering from addictions.  Our parish has a close relationship with the Center as members of our Mothers Union group have regularly gathered with Center residents and members of St Luke's United church for a day of skill development, crafts and relaxed fun. Members of the ACW board will present a cheque  to Lisa Mullin, the Executive Director of the Center during our service and Lisa will speak to us about the work of the Marguerite Center.